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You will ask yourself this question when you decide to make repairs in the bathroom or when you just decide to replace the outdated plumbing. This question cannot be approached without considering everything. The arrangement of your bathroom will depend on the comfort and quality of your life. Bathroom should be comfortable and functional. It is from the bathroom that your day begins, and if the morning failed, then the day disappeared.

Let’s consider what is (or should be) in your bathroom:

First of all, it is the decoration of walls, ceiling and floor.

Bathroom furniture

The issue of choosing furniture for a bathroom is discussed in a separate article: “How to choose furniture for the bathroom.”

Sanitary engineering: a washstand, a bath, a shower booth

These elements should be harmoniously combined with each other. It is advisable to buy everything at the same time, because when replacing plumbing, you often have to do repairs in the bathroom. If the bathroom furniture is already there, then you have to select everything else for it. The role of a recommended plumber in Singapore is important in this matter.

Bath or shower

It is desirable that there were both, but if you take into account the average size of the bathroom, then you have to choose. Think about it, do you really need a bath? After all, the soul saves time, and is more suitable for energetic people. In addition, if you replace the bath with a shower, the bathroom will have a space for some furniture.

What is made of sanitary ware?

For the manufacture of sanitary ware, various materials are used, which differ in their properties.


This is the most common material. Produced from environmentally friendly raw materials and porcelain products are easy to keep clean. Porcelain products are quite strong and easy to use.

Cast iron

It immediately recalled Soviet cast-iron baths, which did not have a special aesthetic. Now the cast-iron baths have changed and become much more beautiful. Cast iron does not lend itself to corrosion; it is very durable and keeps heat well, unlike conventional products made of metal.

Steel products

It is light and at a fairly fair price. A steel bath can bend under the weight of the body. In addition, steel poorly retains heat and luxuriates in such a bath of pleasure a little. Bath of steel is easy to recognize by the characteristic ringing, it’s enough to knock on the rim lightly enough. Taking advice from a reliable plumber in Singapore is important in this matter.



The Best Air condition Maintenance in Singapore

Does your air conditioning no longer function properly? Then have him repaired by a specialist. A properly executed repair ensures that you immediately enjoy your air conditioning again. To give you more insight into the costs of air conditioning repairs, best deal developer sales in Singapore have mapped the costs for you.

Replace air conditioning

Below you will find 3 price examples where the prices are explained further.

  • Small repair

Does your air conditioning have a minor problem? The mechanic needs half an hour of work and does not have to replace parts. This small repair costs an average of $ 80.

  • Average

In most repairs, parts must be replaced. Common repairs to air conditioners are cracks in the hoses or pipes. These types of repairhttps://developerlaunchpreview.com/s cost on average between $ 145 and $ 210.

  • Great repair

Yes air conditioning has been running for a while and needs a major repair. Sometimes it is necessary to completely replace the indoor or outdoor unit. A repair that the technician is working on for half a day and where many materials have to be replaced costs on average between $ 300 to $ 600. Always ask your specialist in advance what the estimated costs of the repair are. So you decide whether you want to have the air conditioning repaired or choose to replace your air conditioning. But you need to ensure that you are hiring the technician form a reliable aircon repair Singapore.

What does the price structure of repairing your air conditioning look like?

The costs for repairing your air conditioning are determined by the following 2 choices.

Choice 1: Maintenance contract

Did you opt for a maintenance contract when purchasing your air conditioning? In some contracts it has been agreed that certain repairs are included in the annual price. Check this in advance. Do you already have air conditioning and do you want to prevent repairs? Then consider taking out a maintenance contract. A maintenance contract costs on average $ 90 – $160 per year. Good maintenance extends the life of your air conditioning. Now with the best deal developer sales in singapore the whole process has become easier.

Choice 2: Total price or a price per hour

You have the choice to arrange an hourly or total price with the specialist for repairing your air conditioning. The hourly wage of a specialist is around  $50 per hour and the average call-out costs are $ 0.45 per kilometer. Do you prefer to pay a total price in advance so that you know what to expect? Be as specific as possible to the specialist so that the specialist can give a good price proposal.

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